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Peanut Butter Pie by Slade GrovePeanut Butter PieBy SladeThere are a few things in my life food-wise that I really enjoy and peanut butter is one of them. Smooth or crunchy I love them both. I also love pie… who doesn’t. So I figured it was time to create an all-natural, Peanut Butter Pie that will knock your socks off. Because I wanted to make one that’s all natural, we have to skip the off the shelf tub of frozen whipped topping everyone seems to use. Personally, I do feel that pre-made whipped topping (notice I didn’t say whipped cream) has its place and function, just not in anything that I would make. This recipe calls for using real whipped cream, however, as some know, when working with real whipped cream it can be a little temperamental especially with using it was core ingredient in a heavy pie like my Peanut Butter Pie. The trick to getting real whipped cream to behave is to make a “stabilized” version. We’re still using all-natural ingredients so we’re not messing with making good stuff bad. So, lets address how to stabilize whipped cream – you’re going to make traditional whipped cream but you're making it more manageable and to firm up the pie we’re going to add in just a touch of unflavored gelatin. See my Whipped Cream Recipe below on the instructions. As a side note, using stabilized whipped cream is perfect topper for fresh fruit, pies, or anything where you need to make it in advance.