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With Slade Grove’s unwavering commitment to the dessert craft he creates a constantly evolving and extraordinary line of great tasting, high quality all-natural gourmet desserts and confections while never using any artificial additives or preservatives. Dessert innovation will always be essential to Slade Grove’s success; cutting edge flavors will always be our future and continued success.


Slade Grove

Slade Grove

Slade Grove’s tradition of using only the highest quality ingredients is the foundation for his successful product lines including gourmet caramels, caramel sauce, brownies, bread pudding, gluten free and vegan desserts, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, and confections has made his past bakery ventures very popular.

  • Best of Phoenix
  • Oprah's Favorite Finds
  • NewTimes - Best Gourmet Bakery
  • People's Choice Awards - Best Gourmet PIe
  • Food Network Food Finds
  • Martha Stewart Living

Slade Grove’s level of customer service, customer satisfaction and use of all natural ingredients in his nationally recognized, award winning desserts and confections have earned acclaim from such sources as The Arizona Republic’s Best Gourmet Bakery, Best of Phoenix Award, NewTimes Best Gourmet Dessert, Best Gourmet Pie, Best Gourmet Caramel, as well as national and regional appearances on Martha Stewart Living, Oprah’s Favorite Finds, The Food Network Food Finds, Food Network Magazine, Fox News Network, Fox 10, ABC 15, NBC 12, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and several other local and national television programs.

Caramels 100%
Shortbread Cookies 90%
Pies 80%
Brittles 85%


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